Start daily blogging part 2


So, yesterday i promised to myself that i’ll post anything everyday in this blog of mine. here i am trying to be consistent. About the motivation i wanted yesterday? i think i still dont get it. my PROCRASTINATION still here. heck, i should get a diploma in procrastination subject -__-a.

My progress of my thesis from yesterday is almost zero. but at least i get some insight of what i’m gonna do in this research. So, actually my research is the continuation of my junior’s thesis in my college. So i feel a little bit complicated. in one way its good that i dont need to start my research from scratch but in other way i dont really feel confident enough that i can get this research done without many troubles in the process.

Apperently my first obstacle in this research is how to implement the RFID  tech in my system later. I haven’t decide wether i’ll use desktop or web development system engineering (do i spell that right?). But for sure it will be a system in the local network and it wont be put online later  (maybe).

I hope i can finish my research soon. I really want to graduate from college. its almost 7 years when i enrolled to study here. For anybody out there who’s in the same situation i hope you get the motivation too.haha. i dont even know what i’m typing here. so. that’s that, lets end it like this. Cheers.

Oh yeah, i think i’ll try to post one more blog in one day but i’ll use Indonesians in the other one. So my target for now is to post 2 blogs daily. wish me luck 😀


heeeyaa folks me back XD


Yap.its been so long since i post anything in this blog yet nothing improve in my life (maybe). i’m still a college student. Hope i can start post anything daily. I just wanna get some motivation to do my “skripsi” lol. i’m in semester 14 this year and this is my last year on college. I’ll be a dropout if i dont finish it this time around.

Procrastination. This is what i’m doing right now. its 3.44am here now and i’m browsing 9gag, 1cak, facebook or any site i can reach. its just a reason for me to do nothing on my thesis. even i dont know what i want to write here.

I’ll just tell you about my thesis. its about “an integrated system of monitoring and evaluation of lectures(classes schedule in my college)”. I’m using RFID tech in my research. i’ll implement it as login tools to detect the user as a lecturer who will give a class.

The progress of my thesis as now is writing the Outline. So what i’m gonna do today is get that chapter 1 and 2 done by the lunch time. After that i’ll discuss it with my lecturer. Hope i will get it done in time.

So lets stop procrastinating and just do it. I think i found motivation after writing this stupid post (lol). I’ll post the result later. I think i’ll just change this blog to be my daily blog and post anything i want to. Lets hope i’m not a quitter no more.

Thanks for reading this. who cares? lel